Secondary structure


STRIDE (Structural identification) is a program used to assign secondary structure annotations to a protein structure. STRIDE has slightly more complex criteria to assign codes compared to DSSP. STRIDE utilizes the atomic coordinates of a structure to assign the structure codes, which are:

Code Description
H Alpha helix
G 3-10 helix
I PI-helix
E Extended conformation
B or b Isolated bridge
T Turn
C Coil (none of the above)

Installation instructions (Unix)


These instructions were created on an Ubuntu 17.04 system.

  1. Download the source from the STRIDE download page

  2. Create a new folder named “stride” in a place where you store software and extract the source into it

    mkdir /path/to/software/stride
    cp /path/to/downloaded/stride.tar.gz /path/to/software/stride
    cd /path/to/software/stride
    tar -zxf stride.tar.gz
  3. Build the program from source and copy its binary:

    cd /path/to/software/stride
    cp stride /usr/local/bin

Program execution

In the shell

To run the program on its own in the shell…


With ssbio

To run the program using the ssbio Python wrapper, see:


  • How do I cite STRIDE?

  • I’m having issues running STRIDE…

    • See the ssbio wiki for (hopefully) some solutions - or add yours in when you find the answer!